Friday, January 6th, 2017

The FIRST thing to do after you get Engaged

It’s a new year and CONGRATULATIONS! You have just been asked to spend the rest of your life with your favorite person in the world!

This one event in our lives can send us into Wedding Frenzy: that panic that lots of brides feel when they first get engaged and now they have to figure out how to make those visions they have been dreaming about for decades a reality.

We want you to stop, take a deep breath (FYI: if you are into Yoga, theĀ breathing really does help calm you down when stressed!) and take some time to think about what is most important to you and your fiance.

Now, after you have done that, we can move on to the second thing you should be doing after you get engaged and start your planning process: Selecting your locations for Ceremony & Reception

Decide what season your wedding will take place in. Spring & Fall weddings are most popular but Winter & Summer weddings have their benefits, too! In our area, the May – October are our busiest months and these weekends book up anywhere from the Summer before to even after NYE. Venues book up even faster than Photographers and if you are planning on marrying during the busy months, you can never be too early. Give yourself plenty of time to plan the rest of your wedding (at least 9-18 months) after your venue is secured to make planning easier for you.

The Ceremony

Out of all of the events of your wedding day, the ceremony is usually the most significant to brides & grooms. Therefore, choosing the spot that you will stand across from each other and promise to love one another forever may just be the most important aspect of your day. Here are some things to consider when deciding on where your nuptials will take place:

  • Do you both have a church that you attend? You may decide that you want to have a more traditional ceremony by having yours inside of the chapel. Some couples choose the church because of years of other family members also tying the knot int he same place. If tradition is important to you, go for it! Another bonus for ceremonies held inside of a church: there is usually less decorating that you will have to do – some flowers down the isle and near the altar but that is usually it when it comes to decorations! If you both practice different religions, you will have to discuss what you like about either religious ceremony and then talk with your priest or pastor, there may be marriage counseling classes that you will both have to endure before your wedding day draws near.

Rosary Cathedral, Toledo OH

  • How many people will you want to be present? This can affect where you say “I do” because of space restrictions.
  • The time of day your wedding starts can dictate whether guests dress inĀ a semi-formal or formal style.
  • If it’s going to be outdoors you will need a few things: something to make guests comfortable (ie: fans if it’s hot or blankets if there is a chill in the air) and a backup plan. Your day should be free from worries but because we can’t control the weather, it’s best to decide on a plan B and know what needs to happen if things change.
  • Special Places for you both – if there is a park that you walk frequently or maybe your favorite place to visit (such as a museum) can make a lovely setting for your ceremony and/or reception.

Your Reception

Every time I (Mary Beth) enter a receptions space, I can’t help but think of Snooki shouting out “Party’s here!” It’s sort of embarrassing to tell you this but it makes me laugh inside and sometimes out loud. This is where the celebrating will commence into the night. There are so many great options within our area but these also book up early!

  • If you and your friends love to party, make your reception all about having a great time! Most couples want their guests to enjoy themselves and consider what you have or have not enjoyed at previous weddings you have attended. We have seen some fun traditions take place at weddings such as singing old German drinking songs well into the night:

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, Tiffin OH

  • Of course guest count plays a factor in where you can comfortably feed 350 people. You will need to consider the space available for dancing, dinner and the surrounding areas where your cake, gifts & any snacks will be laid out.
  • Hosting your guests at a place that you both love can give you different ideas for entertaining your guests. Receptions held in places such as an aviation museum are great ways to share what you love with your friends and family and your guests can enjoy touring the museum!
  • Bringing the party anywhere you want – have a tented reception and forget about worrying that it will rain!

Stone Oak Country Club, Holland OH

Wherever you plan to have your wedding festivities take place, know that nowadays you can just about custom any space to make it your own. One important piece of advice from us to you: although budget is a lot of times the deciding factor in where your party happens, don’t let that deter you from getting creative, thinking outside of the square box and bringing your own personal touches to your day.

Happy Wedding Planning!