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Loren and Mary Beth, husband and wife. Our focus is the story of the day, not only the big moments that you'd expect, but the little often overlooked ones. Our goal is to tell your story through striking emotion filled images. 

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Meet Loren

- We've been married for over 10 years
- We have a 5 year old daughter Molly
- We love all things Mid Mod
- Cats.... yes, more cats
- Going to the antique store is our thing
- We lived in Utah for 3 years, it sucked
- Did we mention we like cats?


The people. It's what sets each wedding apart and gives the day it's unique story. Being able to share in on the day and document it, it's one of the most rewarding things I can imagine doing.

What do you love about weddings?

What are your other interest?

Besides being a dad. Specialty coffee is my hobby. I love the process and skill that's required to make truly exceptional coffee. And lastly, I love working on our home, making it exactly the way we want. Follow along on instagram @MidModMoneyPit


Top photographer in the world according to his mom

Meet Mary Beth

What do you love about weddings?

One of the blessings that I get from being a wedding photographer is meeting other amazing couples and creating lifelong friendships. With each new friend that we encounter, we learn a little more about love, marriage and being a family than before and we hope that our couples also feel like we are enriching their lives in this way as well!

Aside from being completely infatuated with my daughter and all things Molly, I enjoy being creative outside of photography. Working on sewing and crochet projects, spending some time snuggled with a good book - mystery being my favorite genre - and searching for the next vintage piece to accompany my growing collection of serveware (hopefully to use at our next dinner party!) are a few ways that I love spending my free time!

What are your other interest?

Mary Beth

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Everything about this photograph tells a story and defines our style. This is a real moment. Chloe was getting ready for the day as her mother worked vigorously downstairs making sure her daughters day was perfect. As her mother got ready herself, Chloe needed help tying her sparkly Keds and after all these years, mom's still tie their children's shoes.

We consider ourselves wedding photojournalists as opposed to traditional photographers; but what does that mean? During your wedding day, we are focused on the two of you and documenting the story that unfolds. We are capturing the REAL moments without being intrusive or distracting. The day is about you and we want you to enjoy it.

We work together to tell your story through two different perspectives of the day. And blending those perspectives perfectly together is what we deliver to our couples 

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defining our style

What sets us apart...

We're focused on the whole story, not just the traditional moments. Everything about your day is important to us...Even when your family breaks your chair.

"There is common thread in Loren + Mary Beth's work, but every wedding I see is entirely unique to each couple and is absolutely breathtaking". This quote says it all. We strive to give our couples something truly special.

We don't consider ourselves "primary" and "secondary" photographers. We are equals. With us, you're getting two photographers that will document your day in the most authentic and creative way possible.

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"Loren + Mary Beth are amazing photographers, but more importantly amazing humans"

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