everything you need to know

What to expect

Expect to have the most awkward time of your life! NOT! Expect to have fun, to dance a little and have a great time with your fiance. There isn't any reason for you guys to be nervous, More than picking out the "perfect" outfits and getting that ideal photo to use for your save the dates, this is about documenting the love the two of you share in a less formal setting than the wedding. 

Our sessions typically last 2-3 hours. We love to have something for you guys to do. whether it's getting a cup of coffee, exploring the city, or enjoying the state fair. Doing something you love helps keep it layed back and more unique to the two of you.

Think about the setting you'd like to have your session in, The city? A more natural environment? Or maybe something totally unique like your home or your favorite vacation spot? -We have cameras & will travel :)

On the day

first things first

what do i wear?

Clothes... if one more couple shows up without them... All joking aside, don't stress too much about it. We want you to feel comfortable and look like yourselves. But if you want our opinions, here they are below:

Our Thoughts on WARDROBE

Don't be afraid to dress it up a little. Like going on a romantic date to a nice restaurant. Maybe you will after your shoot! A dress will do wonders for your figure. But if that's not your style that's ok! Clothes with solid colors or small patterns look amazing. Adding a splash of color will really help you guys stand out in the photos. But please avoid fluorescent colors at all cost. 

Accessories are your friend! They are a great way to add pops of color and texture. These can be hats. jewelry, or even scarfs. And don't forget that ring!  

This is about the two of you, that means you too groom! Complementing wardrobes are a must. If your fiance is wearing a classy cocktail dress, than maybe add a sport jacket or tie to your outfit. Layers are great, especially in the early spring or fall.

A nice button down shirt and khakis are always nice. And adding a tie/ bowtie or jacket make for a versatile outfit. And lastly, don't forget to shave or trim that beard!

for the gentleman

for the lady

some maybe not's

- Avoid those loose fitting blouses, they don't help your shape in photographs
- Pass on shirts with logos. It's not time to show the world your favorite sports team


Let's talk about where to shoot. When we ask, many couples reply "We love Oak Openings" or one of our other beautiful metroparks. However when we dig a little deeper we usually learn that most couples just like the natural or organic look of the park. Nothing wrong with that! We love shooting at the metroparks but we can achieve that natural look and so much more in other areas of the city. We prefer photographing in a more urban environment. It will provide us with better light, more versatility, and way less bugs :) And we can still achieve that natural look. All of these photos above were taken in the city.

Leave your cell phones in the car. We want to capture authentic moments. And for you guys to have an amazing time, being in the moment is crucial.

bonus tip!

Your fur children

We love pets! And we are always more than happy to snap some photos with your cat, dog or pet rock! Here's what we recommend to get the best possible results:

Bring your pet to your session along with a friend or family member. We'll photograph you and your beloved fur children first thing. Then your friend or family member can take your furry companion home while we continue on with your session. And make sure to bring their favorite treat to help us bribe them into the perfect christmas card photo!

Dress for the season. If it's late fall, a floral summer dress may look a bit out of place. 

bonus tip!

inclimate weather

Weather is unpredictable. If by chance we run into a rainy day, we will recommend rescheduling. And the reason being is that we know the type of session that you want, and we would hate to disappoint you by photographing somewhere that you weren't thinking about originally. Now of course if it decides to drizzle a bit during our session, there are usually some places we can duck into for a bit and maybe grab a cup of coffee.

Wear/ bring some comfy shoes, We'll be walking! 

bonus tip!

what should you do with these beautiful photos?

First, these photos are about documenting your love and showcasing moments you've shared. If you've been to our home, you may have noticed this large photo hanging in our living room. While it's not our engagement photo, it's a tangible memory that we share. We were in Rome GA at a marriage retreat and we had recently found out we were expecting our first born child. We had spent this incredible week together and the photographer that took this shot made us appreciate that moment and we'll never forget the way we felt everytime we look at this photograph. This is what you do with these photos, you print them and display them in your home to always remind you of the love you feel for each other.