Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Our Journey To Becoming Parents

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We have spent our 5 years of marriage enjoying time with each other, building our home together & striving to create a business that focuses on one of the best things one could experience in life: marriage. Through all of this, we would get asked all the time – “When are you going to have kids?” It’s a question that we hated getting because initially, we were not planning on having any – especially right away! As time passed, the question would come less & less, but it would still get asked.

Loren and I decided that we would be okay if kids just were not in the cards for us – then we could live lavish lives of luxury, travel and cats! Haha! We didn’t want to feel pressure to try and have a baby just because we were getting older or we had been married for x number of years. Also, I felt like actually making the decision to become a parent was waaayyyyy too big of a decision for me to make myself – and if it happened, I wanted it to be a surprise, not a stressful experience.

Once Loren and I left the big decision to add to our family up to God & his will, we didn’t worry about it anymore. About a year passed and my twin sister became pregnant with her first son, announcing to the family last Christmas that her and her husband were expecting. She told me: “You’re next!” and with a laugh I said: “Yeah right!” Well, she was absolutely right!!!! Just a few months after she made her announcement, Loren and I found out that we, too were expecting our first baby in November.

This surprise has been so incredible! Not only has it been fun to be pregnant with my twin sister, but experiencing being new parents together when Loren and I figured we wouldn’t ever have to worry about that chapter being written for us has been a true blessing & changed our entire thinking on the matter. I’ll be honest, I have not enjoyed ALL aspects of being pregnant & have at times have wondered if we were really up for the challenge of raising another human being. As I’m sure all new parents have these same concerns. But the thought of looking at Loren holding his little girl and snuggling with her together (not to mention the emotions that come during those Daddy-Daughter dances now!) makes me believe that although I may not think I am fully prepared, God has said: “You are ready.”

In that past few months we’ve embraced becoming parents as well as celebrated our time together as our lives will forever change in just a few more days. We also made sure to learn what we could to better take care of our baby girl.

We have named our little girl Molly Grace and have spent some time preparing her new room. Since we love all things Mid Mod – it was a no brainer that her room would have those touches as well. She has a shelf with all of our “previously hugged animals” above her closet, a changing table/dresser that was passed down through my family and – my favorite part – the atomic rocker that I’ll spend lots of hours sitting with her. And Walle made sure to inspect every detail to make sure it’s purrfect for his baby sister 😉

Today, we’ll install her car seat for when we bring her home from the hospital, pack our hospital bag & we are prepping anything else we might have forgotten along the way. With just a month to go, we’re ready for you Molly, whenever you are.








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  1. Kylee

    October 18th, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    I don’t know why I cried reading this! Lol we are so excited for you three and can’t wait to see you as the incredible parents we know you’ll be ❤️️

  2. Pamela Z

    October 18th, 2017 at 11:48 pm

    You both are amazing people with so much to share with and teach your little one! But be prepared; she’ll teach you more than you can imagine! All three of you are incredibly blessed to have each other! Love you!

  3. Angela

    October 19th, 2017 at 12:21 am

    What a sweet story! Even though I knew most of it already, I am your Twinnie after all, it makes my heart so happy to know how excited be you are to be Molly’s Mom and Dad. And Dexter cannot wait to meet his baby cousin! Xoxoxoxo