This sucks! We all know it. But, we're all doing the best we can with what we have. Together we'll get through this! Below you'll find a little more info on the experiences we've had dealing with the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, some food for thought, and what we see going forward. We're here for you!

Our Covid faq

If you need to postpone your wedding date due to Covid Restrictions as many couples did this year, we will gladly credit you towards your new wedding date and work with you on rescheduling. If your date needs to be rescheduled for a third time, a rescheduling fee may be assessed.  

What if I have to postpone my wedding?

What if you can't come to my wedding?

What are you doing differently for weddings?

Although most aspects of the wedding day haven't changed for us. We are closely following the latest mandates and we will be wearing masks while photographing a wedding, unless we're outside and more than a safe distance away. We're also staying home as much as possible these days. We would never willingly put ourselves in a position where there's a possibility of us not being able to document your wedding. 

We always say the chances of us not coming to your wedding are about the same as you not coming to your wedding. However if God forbid, the circumstance arose where neither of us could attend your wedding, we're grateful for the friends and colleagues that we have in this industry and would make sure that another professional photographer would be stepping in for us.